I was actually kinda psyched considering this was my second real job since starting my HVAC classes..... And I succeeded.
Anyway, it sat idle for 20+ years. Mom's getting old so I got it going for her again. Took it apart, cleaned, new filter ect. A broken thermostat wire was the culprit. Got it going and checked for leaks and all. I'm new and not familiar with much. But common sense just tells me somethings still not right. It's tapped into a pipe with very cold water, and I think just as much water is running down the drain. Would'nt it make more sense for it to be tapped into a pipe closer to the water heater?
Also I notice the aprilaire thermostat needs to be turned almost all the way up for it to kick on.?. It is about 28 degrees F. and where I have to set it to come on is for about 50 degree F weather. (I am taking into consideration it's 35 years old). I have a real barometer set up next to it. It did raise from 28% to about 31% (with the aprilair therm. set at 48%). Glad it still works atleast.
Tips,experience, suggestions would be appreciated and helpful.?.?. Thanks.