I'd be interested to know how you all cooked the big bird today, if you tried something new or stuck with tried-and-true recipes for the turkey?

Myself I cooked one in the smoker for the first time. 12# bird, vertical smoker, natural/charcoal fuel (i.e. no propane/electric heat). Smoked with persimmon wood from the property. Lit natural fire then put some charcoal briquettes and a chunk of wood on top. Smoked for about 7 hours at 200*, then finished in the oven until internal temp was above 175*.

The skin was tough as leather, but after you pulled it off the meat was tender, juicy and had a memorable smoky flavor. Note: I brined the turkey overnight in apple cider, water, salt and brown sugar mix. Coated with brown mustard before smoking (waste of time, couldn't eat skin).

I might make a turken with this method for xmas or new years.