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    Deep Fried Turkey

    Has anyone tried deep fried turkey before? I hear it's delicious and moist, but kind of dangerous depending on how you prepare it. William Shatner is even on T.V. on behalf of a national insurance company talking about it.

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    I just did 3 of them for my wife's work and do them every year, including during the year

    Here are some safety tips

    1) Set up your rig (Turkey Fryer) away from any structure, deck etc

    2) Always, and I mean Always measure the amount of oil you need by using this method.

    Put your defrosted bird into the pot and just cover with water,
    Make a pencil mark of the level of the liquid, remove bird dry off and set aside.
    (hot oil and water are a real problem)

    Drain water from pot, dry pot and add your oil to the line.

    Heat your oil to a temp of 375 degrees, no more or you could begin to scorch your oil.

    Always wear heavy duty Gloves and a long sleeve coat or shirt to protect you,
    work boots if you have em are better than tennis shoes

    Turn off your burner and slowly lower your bird into the hot oil.
    Dip the bird in about a 1/3 and lift him up and bit. continue this process until the rig you have your bird on
    is resting on the bottom and your bird is fully covered by the oil.

    Re lite your burner and get your oil to 350 degrees and keep it there
    by adjusting the burner.

    I usually do 3 min per lb with an additional 3 min to the total....
    so for a 13 lb bird figure 39 min plus 3 min = 42 minutes total.

    When you reach that time turn off your burner, and slowly remove your turkey
    rig and all and let it rest in a pan for 15-20 minutes so that it cools and the juices redistribute through the bird and you then can remove the rig and start to slice her up.

    Also never ever leave that hot oil pot unattended, kids, animals are a recipe for
    disaster around hot oil.

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    it just takes common sense; which; unfortunately, isn't common these days.

    oh so good

    you make you liquid level mark AFTER removing the turkey from the WATER

    then proceed as above post indicates
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    Wet brined in salt and brown sugar. Cookedm one in the oven and one in the vulcan convection oven/smoker in the garage. 30 people , no complaints, mmmmmoist.
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