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    Tips for a future HVAC/R tech?

    I'm currently attending University of Northwestern Ohio's HVAC/R program. 19 years old, so I have a long time to decide exactly which part of the industry I want to focus on the most, but I'm thinking residential right now. Don't really know a whole lot yet. So far worked on electrical, some refrigeration/AC, and I'm currently in a heating class. I was really just wondering what is probably the best side of the industry to get in as far a residential, commercial, or industrial. I'm really interested in installing AC and heating units in bigger stores like newly built Wal-Marts, places like that. I also like the idea of the residential side as well. I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to be successful in this trade, and I know it's not always gonna be a walk in the park. I have a fairly open mind. Just wanting to know what side of the industy of the pro's would recommend getting into as a new guy. Thanks guys.

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    Installing package units is actually one of the easier tasks in this industry. As far as a new guy getting in, anywhere you can get your feet wet and gain experience. I did my first year industrial and didn't care much for it BUT all I did was grunt work and basic maintenance at a corn processing plant. I've been doing commercial work since then. Wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Commercial/ industrial is where its at. Residential, been there done that. THink of resi as the planet Earth and commercial/ industrial as the universe.. So much more going on. IF that sound good to you I would have a goal of making it there.

    Also depending on where you live the Union may have a good part of that market so it may be wise to go ahead and look into that as well.

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    If you enjoy diagnostics, the joy of finding and fixing, it IS commercial and industrial

    Residential is essentially inspecting, condemning, and replacing. Bore - ing.
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    Anywhere you can get in to gain some experience. It can be a tough field to get into with no experience. Even having a tech school certificate doesn't seem to help much for some people. It all depends on your area. If you live in a heavily populated area, there may be more opportunities for you. I work in the commercial & industrial end, and I'm very glad I've never had to toil away in attics or crawlspaces covered in fiberglas insulation and/or dirt and/or spiders.
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