Came across a Heat and Glo gas insert today with a original remote/receiver set up. The remote wasn't communicating and had pillowy white corrosion from the batteries

on the remote. There was a on/off switch on the unit, a wall on/off switch, and the remote receiver was jumped off the unit switch. I put in a new travis labled

receiver/remote everything worked good but what I noticed is that when you pushed on/off very quickly it would lockout the module on the 2 slow flash error code, turning

wall(power) switch off and the remote off waiting a couple seconds then turning power on then remote on it would work fine. My concern was 1) was it normal for it to lock

out pulsing voltage? I believed yes, the module sensed a voltage spike/flucuations/pulse and locked out 2) will the customer understand and can the customer be a little

more patient and not click the remote too quickly therefore locking out the module. One thing that has been bother me quite a bit is when I look under these units it seems

techs use excessive amounts of wire, there had to be 8 feet of excess wire on this switch and all kinds of wire nuts etc... Just wondering what type of remotes your

customers prefer the button type or touch screen? Well you guys have a nice one.