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Thread: R12 pressures?

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    Hi, I've got an old coke machine that isn't cooling well. Cleaned lint and dust off coils, etc. and still only getting down to about 46*f in the box. I've never worked with r12 before. What sort of pressures should I expect?
    My only experience is with r22 in water-source heatpumps. I just don't know what to expect for start-up and running pressures.

    It's a cool old machine, the kind you could pop the top off a bottle at the gas station or fire station and fill a cup up without paying while the bottle is still in the machine if you were an idiot kid like I was I'll use it for my home brew savings account, you know... charge myself to drink my own beer so I don't have to get into the rainy-day money for the next batch of hops and grain.

    Also, I haven't put my guages on it yet, will a nitrogen purge clean them up okay to go back to r-22?

    Appreciate the help here.

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    Does it have service access?

    Check the RLA to the name plate?

    They would hold 1 to 2 lbs of gas, the old ones.

    Are you sure it is low on gas, and not cycleing off on t-stat?
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    What does your PT chart tell you?

    It's still on every single PT chart that I've ever seen......

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    CondenseDave: Silly me. I can look at my guages without ever putting them on for the PT, doh! Thanks.

    Cracker; yip I can get to it. Haven't put a mmeter on it yet. t-stat sensor could be dislodged or defective? The bottle I tested in it wasn't cold. Fluke says 46* in the box and T-stat is set at 36*f

    I think the people that had it before left it on the porch all winter.

    On one hand, it is a cool machine and I want it to live. On the other, I've never dealt with a 'fridge' before.


    I really appreciate your guys's help here. I want to be a better tech. Thank you for teaching me.

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    Check all the seals , that there is no heat entering from unwanted places . check coils , put a set of gauges on.
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    Somebody mention my name ... ?

    today the pressures are kinda down. everything is smoothing out and fine.
    Now YESTERDAY... that was another story. The head pressure was terribly high due to "hi tension iussues"... (those of you who are married... y'all know what I mean)

    R-12... now THAT was a real refrigerant!!!

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    if it's one of mine you have service access

    Hello Gentlemen,
    This is my first post, and I'm sure it won't be my last.
    Started my own little business now that my "honeydew" list is complete.

    Lojo, I retired from Coke in 1998. We retired that machine long before. If it was one of my (our) machines you have service access (Northeast region). Sometimes the powers that be are cheap and don't want to spend the extra but......
    Somehow,in the the cobwebs of the cranial cavity I'm thinking 150/28 on start-up, watch RLA, 125/18 near temp, cap tube...units have been rebuilt and altered so many times we don't go by plate but by frost back.

    With that said, I refer you to all the replies, simply saying like the sign on the shop wall "Get back to BASICS".

    Good Luck....crack open a cold one on me...

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    welcome to the site. I won't start with the coca-cola or coke jokes.
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    lojo, This is the mojo, hey that sounds cool. Wake up because econoline has something to say.And econoline welcome to HVAC and R! talk. Ah yes, the good old days of dichlorodifluoromethane

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    Econ that is exactly what I was thinking. Down to temp and18 lb suction and walk away from it. Do a lot of schools with the portable milk boxes and that is where they all come in. Red paint under the blue. Was made by vendolator for Coke/Pepsi. I put a new comp in this Pepsi machine 7oz bottles. 134-A and a new cond fan motor and changed some dry rotted wiring. This is late 50 early 60 vintage.

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    Thanks for the welcome guys, rayr, cool pics...I'm havin' flashbacks

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