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    Which is better, if I want to focus on one, pros and cons, etc...anyone have experience with both

    hvac excellence


    Finally I joined RSES as a student member and from what I know there courses prepare you for the Nate?

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    Im a proctor for HVAC Excellence and ive taken the NATE. Since youre new to the field, dont worry about the paper so much, worry about field experience. Then you'll be able to take either or. The thing with the NATE is that it shows an employer that you know your sh*t. Problem is, if you take it, pass it, and DONT know your sh*t, the NATE is worthless.

    If you're taking the HVAC Excellence, you will be taking the employment ready exam. You need 2 years in the field to do the other ones so why take a step backwards? Get your field chops and then take a test.

    Cut your teeth before you take on that big steak
    Every customer you take for granted today will be someone else's tomorrow.

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    Most people take the test and pass but have nio idea what they really learned. Companys give you a raise if you pass

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    I'm HVAC Excellence certified, and have really seen no benefits. After I became certified, I never heard a word from HVAC Excellence.

    I am in the process of getting ready to take NATE Certifications, I'm still researching but I'll probably go the service side, doing the refrigeration and light commercial HVAC certs.

    Granted, I am not a technician, I am a project manager -- therefore, my certifications are to keep abreast the technical side of things, and to "talk the talk and walk the walk." so my viewpoints are going to be a bit different. Happy to answer any questions about HVAC Excellence you may have.

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    I'm a NATE proctor and believe in it. It is a "service man's test". Not much crazy b.s. like our Oklahoma state Journeyman's test (which I prep my guys for too) that is filled with nonsense about minimum thickness for a 14" return duct blah blah blah or the #3 mesh size to cover a fresh air intake. The NATE test is 95% service stuff. The core has some math and definitions for our field but once you open up the specialty test it's all service and field related. My guys usually take air to air heat pumps service which will also give them AC service. Some have taken light refrigeration. Most Oklahoma contractors will pay about 5% more for a guy who has his NATE certification.
    It's just rocket science. It's not like it's heat and air work or something.

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    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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    Nate is a joke

    Quote Originally Posted by bwd111 View Post
    Most people take the test and pass but have nio idea what they really learned. Companys give you a raise if you pass
    All these programs are is propaganda for customers to think one tech or company of techs is better than another. I hired a NATE certified tech, must have had half a dozen certs. Blew himself up the first week on the job because he tried to unsweat a compressor prior to refrigerant recovery. Melted the vinyl siding on the house not to mention his 3rd degree burns on 40% of him.

    Read study and ask questions. Try to learn as much as you can from the senior techs you work with. Trial n error can kill in this industry. Be safe.

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    I have NATE, ICE, and a few others......I'm not sorry I took them. but I haven't really seen any benefits from them.....other than some info gained anyway. My current employer hadn't heard of them, my past employer had, but didn't care. Take them for your own benefit......which is really what any industry test is for.

    don't forget, you have to get CEH's to keep NATE.....otherwise you pay to retest.

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