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    Filtration issues in dog-grooming facility

    Hi all. This is my first post on the forums.

    I have a customer that has a dog-grooming facility attached to their home. Earlier this year we installed a ductless heat pump but we severely underestimated the amount of dog hair/dander that is flying around in the room. Needless to say the customer is upset because she has to clean out the filter twice a day and has an ugly "rug"-looking apparatus over the unit to help in addressing the unit.

    Has anyone faced a similar issue? If so, any tips/hints/tricks on a solution that made the customer happy?

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    Not much you can do. A pre-filter would help but would be hard to install on a ductless system. A separate filtration unit could help draw the hair and dander down away from the ductless unit, but it won't eliminate it. This same issue would come up whether it were a split system or a ducted system, but a ducted system has more filter options.

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    Build a frame covered in bugscreen material that completely covers the wall unit except for the discharge air louvers. I would mount the frame to the wall with screws or quick release clamps for easy access.

    As the discharge louvers are at the bottom of the wall unit, you will want to have the screen enclosure as wide and deep as possible to obtain the slowest airflow at the screen surface. The front of the screen enclosure should also have a STANDOFF distance of at least one foot.

    Keep in mind you NEED to have sufficient airflow at the evaporator intake to protect the system from damage. These systems are pretty robust but it is possible.

    We have done this for lint in laundry rooms and other high particulate areas.

    If this is not enough you may have to install a dust collection system such as you would use in a carpentry shop. Multiple intakes throughout the room collecting airborne particulate before it can reach the wall unit. This of course will be more expensive for the customer.

    Is the only airflow in the room from the ductless heat pump or are there fans blowing as well?

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