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We specify a lot of foam and ERV is the answer. I personally use one in my renovated 1921 farm house and it is needed (wind blowing or no). We also specify and install ERVs as bathroom exhaust fans with master timer and individual 20 minutes push timers...RenewAire most of the time.

I lived in Albuquerque for three years and now reside in Minneapolis. However you are "conditioning" the air, you certainly don't want to waste what you paid to condition.
Seems like if you don't want to under-ventilate or over-ventilate, you either need to know your exact infiltration, or you would need to use some other parameter (like C02) to decide how much extra ventilation to provide. And wouldn't using a CO2 sensor work with a HRV, ERV, as well as a simple fresh air intake? Yes, I know the ERV would be the most efficient, I would think but over-ventilation would be very inefficient too.