I'm considering a HRV or Fresh Air Ventilation to improve my indoor air quality. The house is recently-built and fairly tight. Our summer design temp is 95 and winter is 16 (as I recall). Outdoor humidity is very low most of the time, with only short periods of maybe 60% on a few summer days. I keep the house at about 30% in the winter with a Aprilaire bypass humidifier. Summer usually runs about 30-50% with the AC running. I have dual-fuel (gas aux) with balance point set to 40F due to the current low price of natural gas here.

I'm looking for opinions on these two options. The Fresh Air Ventilation would use something like the Aprilaire 8126 or equivalent (6" duct with damper). Of course the HRV is going to have a higher up-front cost, and the Fresh Air Ventilation would cost a little more over time due to the outside air being brought in. The air here is normally very dry, so dew point really isn't an issue.

I would have this controlled by my VisionPro IAQ thermostat, either using ASHRAE or timed mode. My HVAC guy is very flexible and is willing to put in whatever I decide.

Thoughts and opinions?