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    Quote Originally Posted by RoBoTeq View Post
    Tariffs are neccesary in order to allow the high cost of goods due to organized labor to compete on the global market. What tariffs do is to inflate the cost of goods for Americans in order to subsidize labor union costs. What this boils down to is that Americans have to pay more for products in order for government to protect organized labor costs. Just check out why Americans pay on average 3 times as much for sugar than Europeans and Asians pay for sugar.
    Predictably lame again. When organized labor is such a small part of overall production (7%)you can't make the claim that unions are responsible for export prices. Your claim of sugar prices have nothing to do with Unions but are part of farm subsidies. You'd have a little more validity if you'd throw less bovine scat lamely disguised as facts.
    Your misinformation really about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoBoTeq View Post
    I am sorry to say that it does not surprise me that you do not understand what Capitalism is or realize that there is no denying that labor unions are Socialist organizations, and always have been. Labor unions and other Socialist organizations even share logos and names;

    Curious again. You think I don't understand capitalism? That's lame. You'll get nowhere with crap like that. Especially with your description of the corporate/labor relationship.
    Since Robo has been reading Ann Rand et al, he sees socialist/commies behind every fireplug. Too bad his information isn't first hand but another hand-me-down from his neo-capitalist propagandists. Robo would be hard pressed to find a socialist/commie at any Union meeting in this country. In fact Union members can be ultra-cons. But don't ask Robo because he has never been a member, never been to a meeting, and speaks out of ignorance.
    So, go ahead Robo and cling to your assumptions but just don't try to take on a role of educating us. Your way too myopic.
    There are American tribes in the SW that have a symbol similar to the Nazi Swastika. Gee, I wonder if that means Navajos are Nazis?
    All I do is call em as they are. Labor unions always have been socialist. I don't consider socialist to be a bad thing when it is used in a way that enhances without causing the problems that organized labor causes. Governments are socialist by design, and we need a certain amount of government. Labor unions are socialist by design, but as long as government does it's intended purpose of protecting citizens, labor unions do nothing but increase costs of goods and services, increase unemployment and provide massive amounts of money to organizations that used to be called extortion racketeers;
    The OIG at the Department of Labor is unique among inspectors general in that it has an "external" program function to conduct criminal investigations to combat the influence of labor racketeering and organized crime in the nation's labor unions.

    Since government protects organized labor through Socialist oriented laws, and most union members are now government workers, having another government agency designed to control racketeering by labor unions while being protected by government is exactly what my sig line refers to.

    To much socialism in government allows for so much circular corruption between government employees and labor union bosses that it just keeps feeding on itself using taxpayer money. Socialism needs to be implemented in "social" organizations such as religious and community based organizations or even local governments, not in Federal government where it has become a monster that is wiping out our economy while lining the pockets of politicians and labor union bosses., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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