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Small mom and pop stores do not hire many employees, and certainly don't pay any better than Walmart. In fact, many national retailers only pay minimum wages. Why are the rest of these retailers not under attack? Because Walmart is the largest company that employs the most Americans and the Socialist labor organizations want to latch onto Walmart in order to suck the life out of it like they have done with so many other companies.

How many people who now shop at Walmart are going to continue to shop at Walmart if the prices go up because labor costs increase?
The union bosses do not care... all they care is to rope in the suckers who think they will get them something (greed as usual is the problem). If the union interests DESTROY Walmart... they will just go after whomever takes Walmart's place.

IMO it is the American people who are to blame (if there is such a thing). Nobody wants quality anymore, they just what cheap.
My brother suggested the average American consumer has this idea any time someone does them wrong, the govt will fix it... so all they have to do is shop the cheapest price.

This reminds me of a former lady-friend; She would buy a $10 blouse at Walmart because it was cheap... then wear it out in 6 mos and buy another one for another $10. I tried to get her to understand that a $15 blouse at Target that lasted well over a year was better value... that was simply above her mental capacity. Then she would complain endlessly about anyone with more $$$ than she had... yet she would NOT put out any effort to better her skills for a better job. Shame, the lady was SMART... but a combination of being lazy, proud (that insecure form of pride), and greed destroyed her ability to live at her full potential.