Doing a clean and inspect on a EF4, customer complaint was the system wasn't starting up, went thru all the switches hi, lo, temp sensor,

fans exhaust, convection, auger, ignitor etc... when I tested the start up switch it failed, when I test the dial a heat got weird readings didn't

have a back up meter but got OL on meter then would get a super high resistance then OL again, so tested it again and it tested fine on 3

separate occasions after. So started system up nothing, jumped out start up switch nothing jump out phase controller then everything came

on and cycled for about 30 minutes then went down. If you guys could help out would appreciate it, my questions are on these timers, phase

control module, and start up modules they are like normal Time delays/relays as far as testing coil, voltage in, voltage out?

Have you guys ran into this system before and had similar issues? I love working on pellet stoves pretty cool systems to tech out but his one

gots my number, have been going line by line on the schematic and tested all loads and back at square one with these auger/phase control

/start up module. Any info would greatly appreciate it.