Hello Everyone,

I am new here.
I have searched this forum many times over the years and it has provided me with some literature that has helped in the past.

Again I have come asking for help, but this time I have signed up and perhaps I can give back when the time comes.

I have come across a problem and I do not have the correct manual in my library which is suprising actually.

The long as short of it is I am looking for the 160.00M1 in particular. I have the M4 which is no help.

The VSD is a 424 Vyper on a 400t YK.


Trigger board is picking up a phase loss once every 10-12 seconds that lasts for a fraction of a second in start sequence.
All the obvious things have been checked. OSCD logic board is communicating and tests out ok. Works fine with the SCR trigger board.
The board is actually picking it up but I do not believe that the phase loss exists in the incoming power. I am going to pull the board tomorrow to check the solder etc but I would like to see if the M1 can point me in a direction I haven't thought of.
Any other advice would be appreciated.

Oh also, if it does turn out that I cannot get around replacing the board does anyone know if I will run into software compatibility issues with a new one? The machine is pretty new, using the pcb9009 board.



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