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    Engineered Air

    hey guys, service call from today that has me stumped. The unit is an engineered air, model number to follow. The main burner is not lighting, so far this is as far as i have got.

    -Call for heat
    -Ventor starts
    -Pilot lights
    -Solenoid modulator opens
    -Gas Valve will not open, unit locks out on no flame.

    So, in the manual the gas valve is rated for 3-8vdc to open. (maxitrol). At the valve i am getting 34vdc, and the valve will not open! verified with manometer.
    The feed for this valve is straight off the main board. And yes, i am getting 34Vdc at the board as well.

    So is the board bad? or will adjusting one of the pots solve this issue? I have not heard back from tech support yet.

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    I am not familiar with this unit but it seems strange that the manual says 3-8vdc to open valve and you are reading 34vdc at the valve. My question is why are you getting 34vdc anywhere? It may have burned up the coil in the gas valve.
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    Sounds to me like a failed power supply (regulator)...

    Probably to need a bit more information to be able to give better WAGS...

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    unit model number is Engineered air DJ-60-0, serial number is M12815 Mua-2
    The board is a DJM 3.4.A, and the gas valve is a maxitrol M620

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