Hi guys. Looking for advice on which direction to go next here. We just had COIT out to clean our ducts in our house. The house was built in 2008, so they shouldn't have been very dirty, but we suspected that the builders had left a lot of junk in the ducts, like sawdust, chunks of drywall, etc. Before COIT left they showed us what they pulled out of the ducts, and we were right. Plenty of drywall, some pieces of copper wiring, and worst of all, bits of fiberglass insulation. Anyway I was happy for about 2 minutes after they left, until I went around examining the ducts they had cleaned.

I heard a noise coming from two of the overhead return ducts that I had not heard before. Sounded like something was loose inside the duct and rolling around. So I took the grill off one of the returns and stuck my hand in there. There are holes in the plastic inner lining of the flex duct that are "flapping in the wind" so to speak, making that noise. I can stick my hand through the holes in the lining and feel the paper backing of the insulation on the outside of the duct.

And of course, this is only the part that I can see/hear. There could be more rips in the lining further back that I just am not aware of.

First of all, how big a deal is this? Should I call COIT and demand they replace my ducts? Or should I just put some packing tape over the tears to keep them from flapping and making noise? I'm just not sure how big an issue this is, but needless to say I am not happy regardless. Before the cleaning I had perfectly fine, intact ducts, just in need of a cleaning. Now I have clean ducts that are obviously damaged and possibly in need of replacement. What to do...