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I would like to weight in on the“lofty” discussion on Israel, the US and the Muslims. To begin with IMHO Islam is the enemy of Western Civilization and Culture. A good “Muslim” is like the Borg all dedicated to Islam and it's leaders with us “Infidels” as the enemy. We do have a total war on Muslim extremist world wide. We should pull out of Afgan and retaliate there or anyplace else in the world as necessary with whatever means and to heck with collateral damage.

Having said that Israel is only concerned about Israel and Jews. They have screwed over all non Jews in Israel including the Christians. They deliberately bombed our spy ship the USS Liberty in international waters. The attack resulted in the deaths of 34 American service men and another 170 injured and catastrophic damage to the ship all with fighter jets given to Israel by the US.

The case of Jonathon Pollard is another extreme example of Israel's total disregard for the interest and safety of the US in their handling of the tons of super top secret military secrets Pollard sold to Israel. The Soviet Union got access to most of the data either through deliberate trading of the top secret information for the Soviets allowing top Jewish nuclear scientists and engineers to immigrate to Israel or deliberate negligence or unbelievable sloppy handling of our top secret military secrets which allowed the Soviets to get the secrets.

There has been a massive campaign to free Pollard by Israel and Jews in the US but for the threat of a massive out cry from CIA personnel and the rest of the Intelligence agencies, this would have most likely been done. The outcry was mainly because of the not only the nature of the military secrets but the evidence showing that Israel “allowed” the Soviets to get their hands on it.

The point of all this is that Israel is only concerned about Israel and the Jews. They have shown no concern for the interests of the US or anyone else. I really don't care about the Muslims but Israel's treatment of non Jews Muslims,Christians, etc. since it was founded has ignited the Arab world and had a lot to do with the resurgence of radical religious Islam back to its roots of terrorism and a Jihad against the West. It has cost of thousands of lives and at least a trillion dollars and counting and our standard of living.

So yes I can't condone foreign aid to Israel and like George Washington I believe in defending our shores,no foreign aid to anyone. Back when we were fighting the expansionof communism world wide we were obligated IMO to help defend the freeworld. Now we need to draw inward retake our own country and rebuildourselves and of course strike out against the anti American terrorist whereever they are on the planet. Thank you, thank you very much




you're as bad as the leftists on this forum, Glenn. Do you never tire of drudging out old, unsubstantiated claims that make our allies look bad?