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    AM 15 Dishwasher. Heaters energize with empty tank

    I got a am15, noticed the heaters would emergize with the tank empty. I would disconect the heaters while troulbshooting.

    Found that even with the float/temp probe unhooked the contactor would still pull in, more odd though is that the contactor would pull in with the unit off and only the main disconect on.

    Could the relay board be bad, on the diagram it shows the contactor gets energized though the K9 relay, the relay is fixed on the board so I cant test the output.
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    sounds like bad relay

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    Simple fix, you need to tap on the relay. Go get a BIG hammer.... No no. Seriously though. It's not a fix, but a get it functional through the weekend,WITH THE POWER OFF, take a screwdriver, put the head on the relay you think it is on the board, tap on the back end of the screwdriver. If it was welded that will sometimes knock it loose for a while. Otherwise ya, with the info given, I would lean towards bad board.

    Good luck

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    If it is the relay then your contactor wil stay energized all the time..But chances are you will have to replace the board.

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