I am a current HVAC student in the Milwaukee area finishing up my first semester of a 2 semester (1 year) diploma program. I'm getting good grades, but am more of a hands on learner.
I am going to have 5 weeks off school starting next month. I am looking for advice on how I should go about looking for work in the HVAC field... I don't care about pay, I'm more or less trying to get some experience and have something to do for those 5 weeks. Maybe get my foot in the door somewhere so I have a job right away when I graduate in May, and get my EPA certificate.
I spent the last 15 years either working as an auto tech., or class A CDL driver for moving company's, doing remodeling/used car sales/odd jobs on the side. So the jobs I've held during that time were always just a matter on making a phone call. I did mess up 3 years ago and temporarily (but still) had my license revoked so that was also a big factor in my career change. I could go back to my old job, take a pay cut, and just be a mover/truck maintenence. But I did make a vow to my back that I would stop moving furniture by age 35...
So what I'm getting at is; do HVAC Co's ever hire helpers like moving Co. do when they need them? Should I just go to some of the local HVAC co's and ask? Do they ever just hire cash temps, or is that against there insurance policies?
Any advice, leads, ect would be helpful and appreciated. I enjoy working, and can't wait till school is done!