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    The problem with CC (climate change... GW is old fashioned speak now) is; there are/is a host of non-accurate as well as right out lies on BOTH sides of the discussion. Sorting it out is the biggest problem of all.

    If we could sort out truth from quasi-truth from lies from d*mn like from political speak (note political is worse than d*mn lies), we might be able to make a decision as to what to do about it. Until we sort it out... it is mostly politics.

    What bothers me is: When there are no CLEAR truths... folks vote based on emotions... a recipe for mistakes IMO.

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    This video features David Barton.... I wouldnt believe one word this video says is true.... If they said that the US flag had 50 stars I bet you could count and there would be 49 or 51.....

    David Barton.... historys cheater and liar.

    David Barton is reason 42 for why the GORP is dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AStudent View Post
    What confuses me, is many republicans are "grass roots" off the land, old school, individuals and organizations, but yet they take the side of those who wish to pollute our planet. If you don't believe me, look up who funds the T party.

    It doesn't make sense to me, but then again people are paying A LOT of money to keep the GW thing under wraps....but of course....being a clean manufacturer is costly....more costly than funding a misinformation campaign perhaps?
    Different reasons people go off radar. Some like the old ways while others are radicalized tax evaders waiting for some revolution they can believe in. I've known both types. The first type some here would call commies and call the 2nd patriots. I haven't figured that out yet.
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