Hello everyone. I have been in this trade since 1981. I started out at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK. (Tah-La- Quah). Previously I had worked as a carpenter for about 4 years, as a sheet metal worker for a year or so, ran a labor crew for Daniels Construction for a couple of years and then moved from Georgia to Muskogee OK.with my Dad who was a small tool repairman for Davis Electrical Constructors. The Fort Howard paper company was building a paper mill in Muskogee. I was trying to get on as a carpenter but no openings were available at the time. The electrical superintendent ask me if I would like to work for him until a job came open in the carpenters trade. I went to work for him and discovered that I really liked the electrical trade. Five years later after getting married and having our first child I started to work at Northeastern State University University just as a fill in job for a while. I was going to go to Rifle Co. on a Exon coal gasification plant. I came home from work one day and saw on the news that the job had shut down and all 3000 worker laid off. I got lucky and landed the systems supervisor job. I was over the plumbers, electricians, boiler operations, HVAC, elevators and appliance repair people. I only new the electrical trade so I had to learn the rest of the trades. I found out that the HVAC trade was very interesting and so that is the one I concentrated on. I really had to because I could see right away that the techs there were not up to speed. I worked there 25 years and after about 9 years started doing some small HVAC and electrical jobs on the side. The side business started growing. I got my HVAC contractors license after OK started requiring HVAC license in the late eighties. I went to every technical seminar the university would allow me to and learned a lot. I retired after 25 years and went into my side business full time. My two sons are partners with me in the business and they love it. They started working with me at about 10 or 12 years old. They both now have their journeyman's license and my youngest son is studying for his contractors license. My oldest son has a degree from Ok. State University in construction management. Our company does commercial restaurant equip repair, residential HVAC install and service as well as commercial refrigeration. My oldest son Cody just got his Home inspectors license and so we have added another trade to our list. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.