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Before I make a comment, let me say I am NOT poking at any group...

IMO it is not that hey do not have the skills... it is they do not want to learn the skills. There is a HUGE difference.

And BTW: can you turn off BOLD... it does not help your posts any.
I don't use "BOLD" for effect, only to separate my comments from the original post. If I originate a post the type is normal.
There are some very unethical companies that would like America's workers to be more like Bangladesh. That way they could stay here and make their crap. It's wrong that schools don't teach the history of labor's struggle here. Workers today act like the struggle never happened. At some places it's still is today. The next time a disaster happens in, for instance, a coal mine and some information leaks about short cutting safety leading to the problem often it's a non-union company. Workers there have little recourse. It's the ony job in town.