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Many businesses have come to understand that Americans are willing to work for less. Sometimes much less. With threats of closing the doors, going to China, dropping bennies, workers are less secure than I can remember. Corporates can shut down and the execs still walk with money. Many CEO's don't care all that much as they haven't been involved with the company all that long anyway.

Some mentioned that the gov has taken up many of workers needs like min wage and safety. That wasn't always the case. Unions still negotiate wages and bennies. arbitration, training. Many who have nothing good to say about Unions speak from ignorance having never been a member or live where Unions are non-existent. All they know has been been manipulated by corporate money. The Twinkie CEO on TV was all about blaming Unions even though they continued to produce products that had declining revenues. A lot of people don't eat that stuff anymore. Most companies might have considered offering other products. The blame should rest solely on those that make the decisions about products, marketing , and shackling the doors.
I think the corporate was looking for an excuse to close a failing business because of failed management.
Im with you on that..