Recently had a Goodman 2 Stage HP + 10kW backup heat system installed with a CTK03 communicating thermostat.

This unit looks very similar to the Honeywell Vision Pro 2.0 IAQ units except this is a 4 wire control system and seems to add some airflow trim features.

One feature the VisionPro has that the CTK03 seems to be missing is the option to monitor and alarm on the Delta T across the coils. Using the wired EIM module and duct sensors it looks like there are menus that enable to set up Delta T on the Honeywell IAQ 2.0 thermostat.

Is a similar feature available for the CTK03 ? If so what module and sensor should I specify to my HVAC guy? He is not sure it is possible, however this is the first CTK03 he has installed.