I just got a Droid Razor Maxx last night. I did get the otter box, and i can see where the card reader fitting is going to be an issue. I imagine I will have to do some whittling to make it work, and the little flap that covers the headset plug in will have to go, as it will require the device to sit about a quarter inch above the actual phone. Heck of it is that they don't seem to offer too many case options on these, and the otterbox is hard to take off the phone each time you just want to swipe a card. in fact, I think they make it that way to discourage it being taken off.

Anyone with the Otterbox and this phone or like kind have any suggestions as to what will work will be appreciated. Someone mentioned an extension, which would be nice if I knew where to get one.

What is this Tapatalk app that is being discussed?