Well, after looking for over a year... I finally took the plunge:


First impression is the phone is BIG... yet it is not really THAT big. And it has that S-pen app built in (call it a stylus).
For those that follow Samsung phones, it is an S-3 with a larger screen, Jelly-Bean OS (4.2), a stylus app built in, and a HUGE battery.
My initial impression is the phone is well designed and built. Perhaps a more rugged plastic case would be nice... but any phone used in the field will need an extra protective case.
It will take a while to transition from IOS (i-phone 3G)... however the Android is quite intuitive, so it will not be difficult.

Now all I need to do is get all my contacts and notes into the phone, along with Email and some program so I can watch H-talk in the field.