i am trying to troubleshoot this crazy 2 stage HP .. for some reason its paired w a york affinity.? anyway.. i have no real wiring diagrams , and we all know , company folded.
i am getting signals to board outside from tstat/airhandler but the board doesnt seem to be outputing .. yet no diagnostics but some lights.. it reconizes me switching from heat to cool biut doesnt do anything... i also tried putting the unit in manual defrost(jumper) and nothing...
customer said unit never came back on after sandy came thru and blew the lights out ..
so im going with board took a hit.. pressure switches fine btw . r410a 120ish at bout 40 degrees outside..

can anyone also explain the whole york w acadia thing please .. and please also suggest a 2 stage matching hp . higheff .. and any product specs and or installation guide?
i appreciate any help or comments thank you