I hvae a Carrier 58CVA90 Furnance 2 stage and a DC variable speed motor. It sppear that setting the staging control using "system" on the Infinity Control Termostat, the Low heat will come on and stay on for 15 minutes and then the high heat will come on for about 10 minutes and then drops back to low heat for about 10 minutes. What we find in this setting is that there is not enough air flow throughout the house. I then change the staging to use "furnance" (algorithm) and it appears that under this setting, the high heat is on all the time with high fan. Also it appears that when the set temperature is reached, the high heat and fan will shut off without going to a low heat gradual shut down. Is there a setting one can use to have low heat on for a shorter period of time and then the high heat on for a longer time and then drops down to low heat afterwards?