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was the oil Gage fluttering?

if there is refrigerant boiling out of the oil, you would see lower and possibly flutter in net oil pressure.
No flutter in gage on oil pump port or CC pressure gage. No foaming in oil sight glass. Oil level remains fairly constant at 1/4 glass. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I still think it is a bearing problem. Two reasons I say this; 1. Oil pump pressure at comp start up=85 five mins or less into run=40 psi. Suction pressure=25psi and varies depending on how many LLSV's are calling. There are a total of 6 LLSV's on this system. 2. The sister comp which I just installed never drops in NPOP and they share a common hot gas and suction line. I replaced it because of bearing failure. The previous had jumps red the oil pressure controls. That was his way of solving problems. It just seems to me if there was an external reason for the comp. tripping on oil pressure it would be happening to both comp.