Ok, new here. So I'll also introduce myself. I've been working in Metal Fab for 5 years, and commercial + residential installation for 9 years, and residential service tech for 3 years. It's what I do for a living. Currently I mostly do HVAC-R installs and service, and water heater installs/service as well.

As I'm new here, if this is posted in the inappropriate area please feel free to let me know.

I've been struggling with building code for Wall Furnaces in some cities (Oakland, CA and Richmond, CA in particular). I've started failing inspections in those areas recently for some rather bizarre reasons. One recent failure was because the inspector wanted me to provide him with a ladder and flashlight. I found that rather appalling, to be honest. Bring your own tools and equipment?!

I do not know what my recourse is there.

The other item I get inspection fails for is because they want me to take out my furnace (everything, furnace, header plate and all) to see if there is a ceiling plate spacer installed. They can't look for themselves in the attic? I mean, they expect to do the full inspection upon arrival and visit the jobsite once. And I can't wrap my head on how to do that.

They want the wall furnace to be installed so they can inspect it, and they also want it uninstalled so they can see inside. I'm not sure we have discovered a Schrödinger's Furnace yet to make such a feat possible. Of course, they could resolve this by bringing a ladder and flashlight with them. As I do 5-8 installs a week, I'd have to carry 4 ladders with me and waste time (MONEY!) going back and picking this stuff up.

Maybe there's something obvious I am missing. I need some method to pass a inspection on their first visit where they see an installed furnace and see the plate spacer installed.

Any of you have any experiences or insight to offer?