I installed a Honeywell TrueSteam Humidifier on a Trane XC80 furnace. Model TUD2C080ACV42AA, 3yrs old. Following the Honeywell installation using an interface module to run my stat (D,R,B), hum, and osa sensor through. Then my stat connections W, W2, G, Y, R, C to my furnace. Programmed the stat Focus Pro IAQ, (o.g. Trane ComfortLink 2) No comm when calling. Getting 24V on G and W when calling for Humidity and heat. Circuit board is not recognizing the 24V on the W or G terminals because it's set up for the Data wire. Spoke to Trane and they said that you can't use the Honeywell interface module. Rewired back to original wiring. ComfortLink 2 stat to Furnace D, R, B. Now in order to run my humidifier off of fan (variable speed) I was told to use the 120V molex plug in the center of board - to transformer - to relay - to humidifier. My question is; Is this the only solution to this issue? It seems to me that the communicating system should be more compatible with this equipment. Is there a dip switch somewhere to allow me to utilize the board connections? There are no HUM, or EAC post on this board. By the way, customer provided all honeywell equip. I know, not my call. Thanks for any advice.