I have been reading the Q&A on these threads and I am so thankful all of you are willing to answer homeowner's questions. It is not often one has to replace their HVAC unit and I did not know what I did not know! We have asked for a good referral from many, many folks and one installer came recommended multiple times. We did obtain another quote from another installer but certainly liked the original recommended installer's quote. After reading severall threads and going to the amana-hac.com site, I am not questioning whether we have been quoted the right matching equipment. I don't understand the charts on the Amana site and I have two questions.

Can someone tell me if we have the correct air handler and matching equipment?
The gas furnace seems very efficient yet the heat pump appears to be middle of the road. Would you recommend a more efficient heat pump?
Here is the quoted equipment;
AMH950704CX gas furnace
ASZ14036 heat pump, 3 ton, 14 SEER
CAPF3642C6 Blower (is this the air handler?)

Thank you!