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    IAQ T/S and Backup heat rules

    Can some one confirm or correct me in the rules for backup heat operation on a CTK03 communicating thermostat. It appears have identical operating descriptions to a Honeywell IAQ unit.

    The system is a 2 stage heat pump with 1 stage of resistance backup and is defined that way in the ISU menus and that is confirmed from the System Status display.

    Primary heat/cool is set to comfort as is the backup heat.

    The backup heat lockout is set to 35* and the compressor lockout is set to 10*

    ---As I understand it, above 35* the aux heat will never cycle on except for defrost, even if the room temp is raised by a large amount, correct?

    ----Below 35*, During recovery from a setback, if I use the Intelligent Recovery mode, the Aux heat will not be used unless the system is not making expected progress?? (What ever Honeywell defines as "expected progress")

    ----Below 35*, during a manual temp change of lets say 4*, the compressor will stage and only use the aux heat if it is not going to reach temperature in a reasonable time??

    Now a different setup.

    The Aux heat differential is changed from comfort and set to 3*, for example, and the upstage timer is set to a very high number, like 4 hours.

    --- If I am below 35* and the system is Intelligently recovering from a 5* setback, the aux will only come on if we are not making expected progress, correct?

    --- What happens if a user bumps up the temperature by 6* ? Will the strips come on immediately or will it first try to recover using the heatpump if possible?

    I have read the setup manual but am not completely clear from those descriptions exactly what it should/would be doing.


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    From what I know, your statements are correct. Only thing we don't know is the logic behind how fast the control will bring on the backup. Usually Honeywell products are rather quick to bring on backup in a 6 jump, like your last question. I would think some experimenting will answer your questions as well as we can

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    Thanks BaldLoonie.
    I will play later this week when I get some time to watch it.

    On a slightly related question, are there any runtime monitors/reports built into this device? Or any addon packages? that would track first and second stage and aux heat run times either hourly or cumulatively? I have the RedLink internet gateway if that matters.

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