hi i'm new here. i'm so glad i found a website dedicated to this i had no idea there was such a thing. i'm 23 and in college i was majoring in criminal justice but i decided to do HVAC cause i heard it makes decent money and pays better than say working at Target. My goal is to get my own place cause i can't stand living with my parents anymore. I've registered for 3 of the major intro courses and it seems like passing at least a couple of them will get me enough experience to become certified. i tried to job shadow some local HVAC places but since i wasn't certified i'd be a liability. so i got to wait.i also called the local union but you have to wait till june for god knows why until you can take the exam and im not waiting that long. so i was wondering how you guys got into it? did you learn better from books or on hand? how many hours can you work? can you pick your own? thanks.