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    New Geothermal And Water Problems

    We had a new closed loop geothermal system installed to replace an existing propane unit. The install was just completed this week. In the last 5-6 days, we have began having problems with our water quality (sand particles and heavy rust in the water), toilets that began flushing very loudly and whistling, faucets that even when turned off run another 10-15 seconds, and today our washer kept filling with water and would not stop even when unplugged. We finally had to turn the water off to the washer. By the time we finished turning off the washer water supply and talking on the phone to the machine manufacturer (the washer is only 3 months old), we realized our dishwasher was making a funny sound only to realize it was in the dry cycle, but water was still gushing into it and popping and crackling on the heat coil. We canceled the cycle and now have the dishwasher off too. We can't figure out what could have happened during the geo install to cause all of these problems at the same time and hope you can help. We installed a 5 ton Hydron unit and switched to a geo hot water heater at the same time. We have a closed loop system and are on acreage with a well and septic system. Any ideas you have will be appreciated. So far, our installer, has only said we might need to install a larger sediment or sand filter to catch more particles since we stirred up the well with all the drilling. However, we now have a shower that has turned orange almost overnight from rust stains even though we have rust removing salt in our softener and are running extra cycles in it daily, we have 2 faucets that keep running and now drip, and now the washer and dryer...this is beginning to feel like a nightmare.

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    I'm not buying that "stirred up the well" thing. Somethings piped in wrong. Your water system shouldnt be affected by the closed loop system, it isnt as deeo in the ground as a well is unless you have a very shallow well. All you did in your domestic system was essentially change out your water heater and irregardless of it being an indirect as opposed to a gas fired unit there should not be a change in water quality. UNLESS its been piped in wrong, ie crossed lines between the domestic and geo water. What are you using for fluid in the closed loop? I would get your well guy out to look at it soon before your domestic is contaminated.
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    If you have faucets, washer and dishwasher solenoids, and other shut-off valves that once shut off fine but are now leaking by, sounds like something in the water is eating away at the seals in these devices.

    I would get the water tested to see what's in it. That way, it may help narrow what to look for as to the cause.
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    Thank you both for your input. The liquid in the loop is an alcohol water mixture. Our installer came out today and said that wells just change sometimes for no reason and nothing with the geo hot water or geo heating install should have created the problems we have instantly started to have. We did have a drought this summer so maybe that had something to do with that. Our installer said we need to install a sand filter and an iron filter to the tune of a few thousand dollars. He said this should stop the problems. We are sincerely hoping it does.

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