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My 2 cents; The further we've gotten away from God, the further we've gotten away from values, morals, and integrity, and the more self centered we've become.

The idea of we are all created equal has had the emphisis changed from being on the "created" to the being "equal". The fact is that when this country was founded we were all created equal and what we did after that was our decision. While we still have some choice of what we do we are largely limitied by what our government allows, which is sad.

Programs that are said to give a hand to those down troden are more a path to slavery than a helping hand. These programs are designed that oncel you get on it is very hard to get off.

At some point we reach a tipping point of no return, it may have already past, I don't know, sometimes it feels like that.
It wasent until lincoln that we were truely equal on paper . As far as being equal in reality that is still coming .