We live with this situation on a daily basis and see it all the time. We go to the grocery store and see thousands of tax dollars being piled high in 2 or 3 grocery buggies at a time and spent on very healthy people that are sitting at home reveling in sin and not working. I believe strongly in helping poor people, but what is happening with our tax dollars is not helping, but destroying! For those who don’t know it, we are HEAVILY taxed here in the USA. We'd much rather be sending that money to missionaries. We are well aware that there is an agenda to produce more couch potatoes (free loaders … leaches) so that eventually there can be a totalitarian ruling government with dependent subjects. We see it on a daily basis.
In this video the young man unashamedly expresses the way that millions in this country are living on a daily basis. The work ethic and personal responsibility were some of the many Christian values that were stripped from us, and soon there will be a collapse because of it.