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Glad you are happy. Personally, I would prefer 78^F, 45%RH. A properly set up simple a/c with a small whole dehumidifier would provide this using less energy. Less of an investment and lower operating cost.
Also will be interested in hearing about your %RH with cool wet weather. Also many duct systems do not provide uniform air distribution throughout the home during low air flow. Also during the off cycle, interested in observation of the moisture re-evaporation of the moisture on the large coil back into the home.
Keep us posted.
Regards TB
TB, I don't want to sound ungrateful for your advice, or to be argumentative, but I have to quote what I said in an earlier post:

"I don't see how such a unit could be installed near the ahu in my laundry room.... also wouldn't want to add another $15 a month to my electric bill.

I also don't see a need for additional ventilation in my house. Two separate infiltrometer tests have shown that my existing ventilation exceeds the ASHRAE minimum, with duct leakage at less than 5%.

So far, the Green Speed dehumidification has cost me almost nothing! I mean my kWh usage for the 2 months since installation is as low as it's EVER been... less than in ANY prior year duing months when NO A/C or heat was used (usually Dec & Feb)."

Furthermore, I haven't noticed any "re-evaporation back into the home" during the "off cycle". Like I said, the unit runs pretty much all the time on the lowest speed for dehumidification. The fan is set to "auto" so it doesn't blow across the coil when the unit is not cooling or dehumidifying. Therefore, when it's not running, any moisture on the coil drips into the condensate drain and doesn't "re-evaporate".

And lastly, my contractor "tweaked" my ductwork to provide almost perfect airflow distribution throughout the home. I chose him because he was an honest-to-goodness expert who wasn't too "know-it-all" to listen to what I was telling him about my previous airflow imbalance. The unit runs at minimum cfm pretty much all the time and the airflow is balanced from the front guest quarters to the back "add-on" office and everywhere in between throughout my long, narrow floor plan.

I'm really happy!