Several months ago, when my 3.5-ton 1999 Rheem hp condenser started having problems, I discovered that the FSEC was soliciting participants in my county for an energy "study". It sounded like there might be some financial benefits attached to participation (maybe even a new heat pump?), so I submitted an application.

Well, as you all know, my heat pump died in October and after much research, with the help of pro's in this forum, I finally had a 3-ton Carrier Infinity Green Speed installed last week, along with some "tweaking" of existing ductwork. I had already had ductwork sealed and insulation added as a result of an FPL blower door test that I paid for the end of July. And another "free" blower door/infiltrometer evaluation by a contractor hoping to sell me a replacement heat pump.

So guess what? Now I'll get to find out just how well sealed the new ductwork is and how efficient the new heat pump is. I just got word the FSEC selected my home for participation in their study! They'll be here for 4 hours next Wednesday to perform another energy audit and to install energy monitors for selected equipment. My energy usage will be sent to them via wifi throughout the study period (6 months or so).

Should be very interesting. And who knows, there could be a solar hot water heater in my future!