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    Quote Originally Posted by chillerout1 View Post
    well I heard that the union members said they could make more on unemployment than with the proposed pay cuts . guess their gonna find out. here's another company the union killed dont know how many remeber eastern airlines

    This statement IMHO is both uninformed and subject to ridicule.

    The unions "killed" the jobs? really...Apparently you didn't read the story either..

    "Our members decided... they were not going to agree to another round of outrageous wage and benefit cuts and give up their pension only to see yet another management team fail and Wall Street vulture capitalists and 'restructuring specialists' walk away with untold millions of dollars," said BCTGM International Union President Frank Hurt.

    Picketing workers echoed the sentiment.

    "The people who are running this company are not interested in making bread," said Roger Harrison, 56, who bags buns at the Hostess plant in Lenexa, Kansas, and has been with the company for 35 years.

    "They are not in the baking industry; they are just interested in the money," said Harrison.

    The company had started implementing an 8 percent pay cut, a 20 percent increase in healthcare costs, and changes to pension and workday provisions when workers went on strike on November 9. Hostess had given employees a deadline to return to work on Thursday, but the union held firm, saying it had already given far more in concessions than workers could bear and that it would not bend further.

    Only the human resources person stated the union killed the company... Something tells me they were paid to even say that...

    So lets just say they were non union....Just to be fair and impartial, so would you just lay down and take a tenth pay cut and reduction of benefits? Thinking not.

    You would not have a pension because you would not have the monies to do so... Tell me all knowing, what would you do?

    To say that unions killed a certain company is complete and total BS. The salaries are negotiated, as are the benefits. If they were not union, the job would not even be worth having and it would all be migrant labor... Hate it when someone criticizes without backing it up with a solution. Just banter.

    Without the union the turnover of bad employees would have killed Hostess..... Just my opinion and I have the right to have it.

    How many good paying non unionized jobs in the manufacturing field do you think there are?

    Everybody wants it cheaper, but have not yet figured out how it got that way... Learn some history.
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    If a day goes by and you have learned nothing, I hope you got a lot of sleep.

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