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    Apogee operator station software

    Good morning everyone, forgive my ignorance but what software do I need to plug up to an apogee vav controller and see its internal logic? I am a newly ax certified tech and have a job where I integrated those controllers (600s) into my niagara system. Having issues with a couple controllers. Would hyperterminal work? Or am I looking at spending an arm and a leg on some seimens software

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    If you mean a 540-100 VAV TEC on an FLN then you need WCIS to see the 99 points report and adjust the settings. These are a pre-programmed device and there is no internal logic to adjust, just set the points provided to adjust functionality.


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    If you have hyperterminal and the DB9 to RJ12 converter plus the able, you could plug in to the BLN device controlling the VAV and edit what you want that way.

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