Heya ALL!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I have or am wondering why on gods green earth 2 of my wonderful neighbors and a boss of mine make the wage they do?
My 2 neighbors work from home, make 60k + I think the one makes 75k+ plus bonus, one works in the hunting industry and the other plastics.
Yah pretty nuts, I had to get a degree,state licensing, and state certifications to make the 43k I make, I agree that I need cheese with my wine but dang man! I just as in general see people view trades people as second class up to the sitution when they need us at 2 am to fix there broken crap! And they give us a super hard time when we give them the bill, WTF!!!! That is what I think drives us all nuts, trying to squeeze cider from a turnip! Just ranting
I had a guy who had a newer utica 80% boiler in his basement, if you could picture his house, nice house, you had to go through the heated garage past two 72-76 restored chevy trucks and a couple of newer arctic cat sleds to a door that led you to the basement which stored or was completely full of r/c trucks,boats,and planes, I will never forget it. The home owner was over on his work bench working on a boat or something, this guy had a full set of snap on tools downstairs and upstairs! The 500 lb a-hole barely says hello to me, more like hurry up and get the boiler going, I found the draft damper was not making the switch and needed replacement, I think the bill totaled 250 for parts,trip,and labor. I walk over to him and hand him the bill, He drops everything, says wow really, did it have to be this much? I dont know if I could do it? He is nearly in tears over the bill, saying this would break him, would absolutly crumble his world, he may have to sell his home! I called my boss and he knocks 15 bucks off, which came off my parts commission, he says ok go see his wife upstairs-she'll pay you, I go upstairs away from DB and go into this room full of Lionel crap I mean full of Lionel crap to a beautiful dinning room probably worth more than my own house!She hands me 3 100 dollar bills and says to send her a check for the balance! WTF!!!! she walks me out to the van and makes the comment of how her husband bought a newer mini van two days ago just to transport his R/C planes! That changed me right then and there!