I have a RTHD Screw R123 Chiller rated at 300RT (Trane). The soft starter is a Benshaw ( Model:RBX-1-S-180A-15C ). Its around 5 years old.
The chiller was initially tripping intermittently (the chiller MCB located within the chiller panel) and the starter did not show any specific fault. We did a megger test (by a competent electrical person) and found one the studs to be faulty. Replaced all studs because the job is rather messy and long (the chiller is on a performance contract and every day it is down, we lose "savings").

After the studs was changed, we still have intermittent trips - the fault showed by the starter is basically phase error and SCR shorting. I am suspect that that moisture could be the problem as the chiller can run for a day or more and trips without warning. Why I say moisture is that there are traces of rust in the board (I noticed this when the wiring etc was removed).

I find that the solution of simply replacing the starter is not the best unless we can pinpoint the issue but as usual all suppliers love to change things when there is a small (and big) problem

I intend to "dry" the circuits using CO cleaner (for electronic) after switching off all power supply - is this advisable?

thanks in advance for any advice