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    The Ding Dong and the health care bill

    they said today that for the remaining Hostess employees, their health care rates will double, and their 401k will be non-existent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfstrike View Post
    they said today that for the remaining Hostess employees, their health care rates will double, and their 401k will be non-existent.
    There is already another thread on this subject. Merger?

    Obamacare is law, we all know it is fact now with no chance of repeal. Businesses will adjust. Employees will adjust. This is a tax.

    I am going to give you my concept of how a successful business operates. Never-mind any business, those non-successful businesses fold sooner or later. They make money on a % profit margin, they move huge amounts of money and not all is profit. If you raise their taxes or mandate business expenses they will adjust to compensate. They have several choices as to how go about this:

    Raise product/service prices

    Reduce/suspend other bennies

    Reduce/suspend wages of employees

    Reduce/suspend employment positions considered expendable.

    Find some way to skirt the laws intent hiring part timers or illegals or other ways.

    Now I ask,.. who will pay for this? And I will answer, consumers and employees. The successful business will continue to be successful after adjustments made as needed. They will adjust the cost of doing business to the employee or the customer. Business as usual. Somebody is going to have to pay for all of this, but it will not be the usual successful business. They may have to adjust to a little different operating environment, but their profit margins will remain about the same.

    Illegals still get free healthcare.

    Now crackheads, prostitutes, and drug dealers get free health insurance.

    Q. Who is going to pay for it?

    A. It won't be businesses or corporations or the government.

    Thank you Wolfie for another thought-provoking thread.
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