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Maybe we look at the world through different lenses.

A QA guy, what we call a startup guy, is essential to getting a piece of equipment running properly.

A quality assurance guy in my neck of the woods is someone who goes behind the technicians and checks the quality of service rendered. Not every tech and every job but they pick the site by need.

I'm envisioning this as a troubleshooting tool. Something to pin down those problems that take call after call after call after call to resolve. Something that can be left in place for a short time to catch an intermittent problem.

I think we are agreeing here. I called them chronic problem sites.

As to "wasting time" sending a tech back. They'll have to repair the problem, won't they?

If the technician already repaired the problem correctly I shouldn't need to send them back.

I've actually built something to do this. I took an old rack controller, built it up on a box and put an input board inside it.

Now, I can wire in temp sensors, pressure transducers and the like, hook them up to a system that is misbehaving, plug this thing in and walk away.

Would you make one for every site a technician goes too?

I don't believe what you are talking about and what energy star are talking about are the same thing. Energy Star said he wanted to check on what his techs did so that he knows they are doing the job right. Then check on the unit after they leave.

Your setup sounds more like a short term data logger for sites with constant or erratic problems.