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    When I negotiate with the furnace guy, what about air filters ? Is an electronic worth the dough in consideration of the OZONE produced ? Dont those media type filters like the AIR Bear & AprilAire do a very good job & last a long time ?

    Also, although Im pretty much resolved to going with 90+ furnace - I would appreciate any thoughts as to variable speed VS two speed. I would think the variable speed blowers would be less efficient & less reliable b/c of the motor controller ( power conversion not being efficient - Im assuming it is some sort of variable frequency induction motor )

    Thanks Guys !

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    HHMM.. I dont' think I would be open to negotation if I were calling on you.

    A good, safe job has fixed costs that any good businessman
    would never make concession on just to get the job.

    If your budget is a little tight you may want to consider financing the install.

    Just a question: Would you consider negotiating with your boss if he wanted to pay you less?

    I like electronic cleaners. Sized right there is no ozone concerns.
    Good luck with your project.

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    I have installed a lot of American standard electronic air filters and the ones I have goon back to the customers loved them as for variable sped if do rite can help with humidity with is a plus hear in texas.

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    I would recommend the aprilaire 2200 or 2400,aprilaire also makes a 5000 model it's a little pricey,but one of the best ever made.It uses a electronic cleaner with the same media in the 2400.

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    Electrostatic filter are big thumbs down!

    Electronici air cleaner are good, if you are VERY good at keeping up with maintance of cleaning the unit every month, otherwise, if you are not, then thumbs down.

    Meida filter like Honeywell, Air Bear or Aprilaire are good. Once or twice a year filter change out, and you are done till the next change out. I personly perfer the Honeywell or Air bear. Just one big media and easy to change out., where the Aprilaire just takes a few extra steps and time to change out.

    Variable speed are very good on saving engergy, the board is design to work well. An avg variable speed blower uses about 80 watts of power, where the old standard blower can use as high as 400 watts of power.

    If you do go varbiable speed, you wil llike the quietness and humidity control of the A/C mode, and quieter blower in 1st stage heating. Best of all if you do get variable speed, you can run the fan 24/7 and get a full used of the Media filter, not just when the system is running.

    When you do get variable speed 99% are two stage heat, be sure you do get a two stage t-stat,.... Don't let them say "Oh... timer is good enough"

    And last of all, don't be afraid to buy the 10 years parts and labor warranity.. a good peace of mind for the next 10 years if anything did go wrong.

    Oh.. MOST important thing for a good equipement install is the dealer do a Manual-J to match the equipement size of the home, and duct sizing so the blower can handel it.

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    use some of the money you save by going with the media filter to put towards the v drive blower. better results on both ends.

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