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    Lennox Furnace advice needed

    I have a Lennox EL296UHV furnace less than a year old, and noticed for the last week or so that when the furnace starts up the combustion air inducer (been reading all the manuals that was left with the furnace) goes on high speed. Then the furnace starts up with the blower in high speed, after a bit (20 sec or so) the blower slows down. I looked at the little display on the furnace, and it displays E229. It has been doing this every time it starts up.
    I talked to the installer, and he said “that the furnace went into high fire mode because the pressure switch for low fire did not close quickly enough, there is no action necessary. The wind can sometimes do this, so no need for concern”. Was that sound advice, or should I check with another installer.
    On another note, we have a LUXPRO PSP722E thermostat (2 stage), but it is not connected as a 2 stage thermostat, was told the furnace control is better. Should I get a new wire run (only 5 wires at the thermostat) and have them hook up the thermostat to control both stages?

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    Have a new wire ran. Works better if the thermostat controls staging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    Have a new wire ran. Works better if the thermostat controls staging.
    agreed, but other may disagree.

    I would also say dump the LuxPro stat as they are less than reliable in MY experience.

    you should hear the inducer start out low and ramp up, then ramp back down and then ignite. while it COULD be the wind, it might be other issue(s). if it does it constantly, then other issue(s) unless wind is blowing straight down the pipes all the time.
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    Thank you for the advice. I've got the installer coming in on Monday to take a look.

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