Hi to all. Just joined your forum hoping to learn some things. I have small lake cabin in Northern South Dakota. It is 800 sq ft main floor and a full basement. I have installed pex floor heat in the basement floor and am looking to cool and heat the main floor. I have been told that the simplest way to do this is with an air handler as a heat pump is not reliable during some of our bitter winter months. I want to stay with electric. Will the air handler work? I have tried to glean some info from online but am confused. Is it a stand alone system or would I have to add an electric heater to it? The main floor consists of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and small bath room. It is insulated and at present no trees. Three small windows with exposure to the north and west. The south side has three large windows but they are covered by a roof extending out over the deck so very little exposure. If the system would be viable what would be a ball park size I would need? Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. Also any other suggestions or recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks for any help and advise, Paul p.s. My intentions are to live in it year round.