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Very well spoken. The 'change' is already underway and I suspect many of the supporters are not going to like it too much. But there is no going back, we all must trudge forward. I would like the chance to slap a few Obama supporters on the head along the way if I get the chance, but it really won't make any difference. We are all in this together.
I do not think you will have to box their ears... their fearless leader will do it for you... Yet they will blame everything they can to deny what is as obvious as the sunshine... until they simply cannot anymore. ONLY THEN... when all possibility of denial is gone... will common sense prevail... and we can start to clean up the mess the deniers made for us.

Problem is... this is a democracy... and until voting is restricted to mature folks... every generation of 'kids' will do this again and again. Take a HARD look at patterns over the last century... it has happened repeatedly... and it will again after we recover from this time.

Oh, for times when folks has to EARN the right to vote. THAT would be a good change.