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    Time for a new HVAC system

    Well it has come time to replace my furnace. We don't have A/C currently but want to add it to the new system come this spring. I want the new furnace done before the snow starts flying here in NW PA. My current furnace is a Lennox G10 that was built in March 1970. Serial # G10-110-1 5870C00445 This was decoded from a Lennox guy that gave me a quote. The furnace still runs, we just want to replace while its in the budget.

    We are planning on staying here in this house until our 2nd grader is through college so we have many years ahead. I have received quotes from all the major brands... carrier, york, lennox, trane, etc.

    We have decided to go with the York, but I still have a couple of ??'s before my install begins. From what i have been reading on the net is that I should have had a manual J done. None of the guys that came and looked did one of these, but they all quoted me the same size units 90-100K BTU. One guy did measure all the rooms, asked about the windows/doors (all replaced 3 years ago with top of the line)

    Is that normal??

    The York that we picked is the YP9C100C20MP12C with the communicating stat S1‐TTSCC01. a 4ton York Coil MC48C3XH1 (3ton to be added this spring CZH03611C)

    Will the furnace modulate correctly without the outside unit installed?
    Whats the deal with a bigger A/C Coil inside the house?

    We have also thought about adding a whole house dehumidifier, but have received mixed reviews about adding this. Some say its a waste of money because we will have a 2 stage A/C, others say that it is beneficial because the A/C will not run just to dehumidify.

    Whats the true story here? - Our summers can be brutal here, high temps with high humidity.

    We do have a wood burner insert with a blower, so we have also thought about a humidifier...

    I'm kinda lost on the whole humid/dehumid thing. I understand the basics of humidity, but hate mixed advice.

    House is about 4,000 sqft ranch 2000 main level, 2000 finished basement. Weather here is odd. Just this week it was 70 on Monday, then 1/2" of snow on Tuesday. We average over 110" of snow a year, and summers are heavy humidity with high temps....sit in the shade and sweat.

    I'm sure there are other ??'s but I can't think of them now - long day at work and little sleep.

    Thank you guys in advance for any input.

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    Don't expect a big benefit in humidity removal with the 2 stage A/C. They run a bit more, especially if properly sized, but low isn't that much less than high so it isn't a big deal. Also, in times of lower temps and high humidity, even a 2 stage may not run enough to dry out the house. That's when the whole house dehum really helps.

    Does the house dry off in the winter? Do you get shocks when you touch each other or a light switch? If so you probably need to add some humidity. If not, don't bother.

    On the A/C, the furnace will do fine without it. On high efficiency equipment, it isn't unusual to have a bigger coil than A/C.

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    Your current furnace is a 110,000 btu. input
    Your current furnace is 60% efficient at best
    That means approx. 44,000 btu.s go up the chimney
    That means approx. 66,000 btu's heat your home now.
    Hope this is making some since.
    Now I am not a York guy but I bet that the furnace you are considering is a 100,000 btu. input and is probably 95% efficient.
    That means this furnace would have approx. 95,000 btu's that heat your home
    This sounds too large to me.
    If it takes 66,000 to heat the home, than why would you choose a furnace that gives you 95,000 btu's
    It sounds to me that you would need a furnace that's in the 75,000 btu range.
    This is why you need to have a heat loss/gain done.
    As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another Proverbs 27:17 NIV84

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